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The Hospitality Industry

What is meant by the Hospitality Industry?

The oxford dictonary defines Hospitality as the  “Reception and entertainment of guest, customer, visitors or strangers with liberality and good will ” Therefore hospitality industry can defined as bringing together the accommodation, food and beverage service to the people who are away from there homes with war and satisfying approach .

Hospitality Industry is responsible for warm and friendly service to the people who have left their home for different purpose, service my differ depending upon the types of clientele (Customers) for example :- ” The service expected by high profile executive  in a star catogary hotel and restaurant.

The Hospitality industry consist of various types of different food and beverage service outlets and other entertainment sectors and business, among all these hotel sectors are a vital part of the hospitality industry, Therefore it is necessary to understand the operation of the hotels and nature of the hospitality sector.

What are the types of Hospitality Industry?

Hospitality is concern with taking complete care of guest or traveler including accommodation, food, beverage, entertainment, safety & security and satisfaction. Generally hospitality services are consumed at the same time it is produced and often combined with the values that are intangible in nature but of great importance for purchaser.

There are 5 major types of Hospitality Industry :- Lodging, Restaurant, Managed services, Event Management and Travel.

The Hospitality industry is a part of a vast group of industry of economic activities called Travel and Tourism Industry.

  The service of  ” Tourism industry include food and beverage operation , shops, accommodation and many more activities related to travelers and tourist.

  The  Concept of the Hospitality Industry

To start with, hospitality is a domestic concept, which means a special kinds of hospitality. These days , the hospitality industry is an amazing arrangement of local economy and place of interest and a significant segment of the travel industry economy. The friendliness business is a various methods for groups  and individual convenience: the inn , motel , youth lodgings and residences, condos, vacationer covers, just as the private areas engaged with the traveler convenience.

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