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 The Tourism Industry

What defines Tourism Industry ?

An erratic travel made by the nomads in the earlier days has new turned into world’s most flourishing industry called “Tourism” The word Tourism is derived from the French word  ” Tourism” to travel and travel related jobs.

    Tourism is the temporary of the people to the people to the different destination away from their stay . Tourism industry is a kind of industry associated  with providing leisure activities concerned with the travel , natural beauty, food and drinks , accommodation , entertainment and other facilities for the people who are visiting a place for any reason .

‘The word travel and tourism’ are not synonyms . All the tourism involves travel but not all the travel is tourism. All tourism involves recreation but not all recreation is tourism. All tourism occour in leisure time but leisure time is not given tourist parsuits.

 “Defination of Tourism by Herman Scheullard ” 

 The first defination of Tourism is given by ‘Austrian EconomistHerman Scheullard’ in 1910. ” The total operation mainly of economic nature , directly related to the entry, stay and movement of foreigners inside and outside a certain country or city or region”

  In 1993 United Nation statistical commission has defined ” All the comprising activities within the journey  outside the usual environment for more than on consecutive year for leisure, business and for any other purpose”

An overview of the Travel and Tourism

.  Living Operation   :-  Hotels, Inn, Motel, Resort, Lodge, Guest House, Home Stay, Floatel, Huts, Appartment.

Food and Beverage Operation  :- Restaurant, Cafe, Pub, Banquet, Fast Food, Coffee Shop, Canteen, Cafeteria, Bars.

Transportation ( Services )   :- Ship, Airlines, Helicopter, Bus, Cruise, Car, Train, Donkey, Horse, Elephant, Camel.

 Retail Store   :- Craft Shop, Sovvenir Shop, Handicraft, Shopping Mall, Super Market, Hyper Market, Local Marketing.

Others Activities  :-  Recreation, Business, Entertainment, Meeting, Sports, Study Trips, Ethnic Festival, Cultural Events, Music Programs, Religion Activities.

What is a Tourist ?

Tourist is a person who does act of tour and visit away from the usual home environment  to different new places and tourist destination for various reason mainly of recreational purpose at leisure period.

 Tourist is a temporary vistior  and their main aim is to travel , seek pleasure and entertainment. The following characters will define a Tourist  :-

1. Tourist should be away from usual home environment .

2. Traveling should be temporary in nature.

3. Tourist should stay at least for a day or 24 hours at the place they visit.

4. Tourist must generate economical activities and use the facilities provided to them.

What are the types of Tourist ?

     There are no definite rule for the division of tourist. Different scholar  have divided tourist under different headings. Similarly , tourist are divided by airlines, hotels, travel agents and intention of their visit. Researchers had categorized tourist according to age group, types of tour, size of group, economy and purpose of visit and duration of stay.

 According to the world tourism organization (WTO) Tourists are catogorized into following :-

. Leisure Tourist

Recreation Tourist

Holiday Tourist

Student Tourist

Special interest group

Religious Tourist


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