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Homemade French Fries Chicken Thukpa Recipe
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What is Spring Rolls ?

Spring Rolls is a Chinese cuisine originated from China. Is is a seasonal food consumed during the spring, and started as a pancake filled with the new season’s spring vegetables, a welcome change from the preserved foods of the long winter months. Spring Rolls are a large variety of filled rolled appetizers or dim sum found in East Asian, Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian Cuisine.

                  Fried Spring rolls are generally small and crisp. They can be sweet or savory, the former often with red bean paste filling and the latter are typically prepared with vegetables. They are fully wrapped before being pan-fried or deep-fried. 

Chicken Spring Rolls are light with crisp-crackly skin and small enough to enjoy in 4 bites. The filling is also light, full of tender-crisp vegetables and you should be able to taste and distinguish every single ingredient in the filling. Delicious and authentic.


Serving Per Recipe : 3
Serving Size : 1 serving

Amount per serving

78.17.0 g0.4 g1.4 g16.5 mg2.1 gm122 mg1.4 %0.6 gm

COURSESnacks/ Appetizer
TIME25-30 Minutes
METHODLiquid batter, pan-fry and Deep fry

 Ingredients for making liquid batter

  • Flour (3 Cups) ,
  • Cornflour (1 Cup) ,
  • Egg (1 pc) ,
  • Cold water (3 Cups)

     (  Mix all the ingredients mentioned above in the bowl and whisk it until it forms a liquid batter. Now heat the pan and brush the pan with some oil, and make a thin pan cake.)


100 g of Shredded Cabbage

100 g of Shredded Carrot

50 g of Shredded Capsicum

1 pcs Shredded Egg

50 g Shredded Green Beans

2 sticks Shredded Spring Onion

1 medium Sliced Onion

3 cloves Chopped Garlic

2 cloves Chopped Green chilly

100 g Shredded Chicken

1 stick Chopped Corriander

Sauce & Spices

1 tbsp Soya Sauce

1 tsp Oystersauce

M.S.G (as required)

1 tsp White vinegar

Salt & Papper ( to taste)

 Cooking Method :-

1st Step :
 Boil chicken until cooked

2nd Step :
 Now in a pan add butter, saute garlic and add veggies (Capsicum, carrot, cabbage, green beans, onion, green chilly, spring onion and egg)

3rd Step :
Saute on a medium flame for 5 mins then add chicken.

4th Step :
Now time to add the Sauce & Spices. Add salt and black pepper, Soya sauce, Oyster sauce, M.SG  White vinegar according to your taste and saute it for 1 minutes and turnoff the flame. Let it cool down for a minutes and your spring roll filling is ready.

5th Step :
In a mixing bowl add 2 tbs Maida with some water and make a paste. Now take a spring roll sheet and put some chicken & veggies filling, apply (Maida) paste on the edges and roll it.

Final Step :
deep fry in a hot oil till golden brown in colour

( Chicken spring rolls are something you can make in no time and enjoy it with your family on weekends and everybody loves it. Born Appetite. Serve hot with ketchup and mayonnaise. )


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