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What is the defination of Hotel?

The word ‘Hotel’ is refined as a public place, which provides lodging and boarding to the genuine customers on payment. It is regarding as a commercial catering establishment that provides the facilities of food and beverage, along with accommodation and entertainment facilities.

British law has defined ‘Hotel’ or Inn as a place where a bonafide traveller can receive food and shelter, provided he/she is in a position to pay for it and is in a fit condition to be received. Hotels are generally numbered / named in some more modest inns and B&BS to permit visitors to distinguish their room. Some shop, very good quality lodging have specially beautified rooms, A few lodging offers dinners as a component of a food and lodging game plan.

What is the full form of Hotel ?

Full form of Hotel :-

‘H’ Stands for Hospitality

‘O’ Stands for Organization of

‘T’ Stands for Tourism Activities for

‘E’ Stands for Eating and

‘L’ Stands for Lodging (Living)

  • The real development of Hotels Colser in 18th century from European countries, Switzerland, France and England around – 1760- ‘Hotel Garni’, Paris France.
  • Actual modern facilities hotel started at – 1794 “Hotel City” – New York, USA.
  • First restaurant and Cafe – 1827 – “Delmonic Brothers” (Switzerland citizen) opened in New York, USA.

What is the name of oldest hotel in the world ?

‘The Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan ‘ is the name of oldest hotel in the world which is in Japan. The lodging business returns path farther than you might suspect. Indeed, there are exemplary properties in notable urban communities like Paris and Rome, yet there’s a motel in japan that has those spots beat by hundreds of years.

The Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan is the oldest hotel and this business has been running for over 1000 years by 52 generations of the same family.

What is the history of Hotels in Nepal ?

  • First Hotel “Hotel Nepal” – Jawalakhel , Lalitpur (1951 – 1952) AD Boris.
  • Hotel Paras – Newroad, Kathmandu (1952 – 1954)
  • Hotel Royal – Nirbachan Aayog, Kantipath ,kathmandu (1953 – 1955 ) Boris
  • Hotel Snow view – Kathmandu – 1955

What is the first 4 Star Hotel of Nepal ?

“Hotel Shankar” is the first 4 Stat Hotel of Nepal which is located at Lazimpat, Kathmandu. It was established on 1964.

What is the first 5 Star Hotel of Nepal?

“Hotel Del Annapurna” is the first 5 Star Hotel of Nepal which is located at Darbar marg, Kathmandu. It was established on 1965

What is the 2nd 5 Star Hotel of Nepal?

“Hotel Soaltee” is the 2nd 5 star Hotel of Nepal which is located at Tahachal, Kathmandu. It was established on 1966.


What is Catering Establishment ?

An organization or a place that provides the facilities of food and beverage to the customer is called Catering Establishment. For examples :- Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Fast food etc. In other words it is a implies a foundation basically associated with the readiness and move of completed food items for sure fire utilization upon conveyance to off- premises objection including, yet not restricted to lodging, cafes, carriers and get together.

Catering Establishment are committed to achieving through quality food and services in a manner which meets the client expectation and achieves the highest level of customers satisfaction and value of money.

The providing food ventures were initial begun back in four thousand years B.C. Providing food all began first in China however the way of life of fantastic eating and drinking was at that point began in old Egypt. The main lodging or providing food idea were set up in old Greece. The improvement of Hotel and Catering in Greece was likewise procced in Roman Empire. In those days in Greece cooking was utilize to give food to the troopers on transportation and shipping lanes in Greece. The cooking exchange had been affected by the congregation in the later price of medieval times.

What are the types of Catering Establishment ?

There are numbers of way to classify Catering Establishment in the world of catering industry. Generally catering establishment can be divided into following tow types :-

  • Primary / Commercial Catering Establishment
  • Secondary / Welfare Catering Establishment

  1. Primary / Commercial Catering Establishment :

These are the foundation whose primary point is to earn cash by giving food and drinks to the visitor or according to their interest. Consequently, they are additionally alluded as business providing food foundation. Like :

. Hotels , motels, resort, lodge, guest house.

. Restaurant, Bars, Pubs, Fast food

. Outdoors catering (ODC)

2. Secondary / Welfare Catering Establishment :

Secondary / Welfare Catering these are the foundation that provides food and drink as a piece of another business. Their point is to bring in cash. Rather the foundations are there to give government assistance administration at moderate costs, like mechanical, boats or voyage line and so on the quality and the quantity of food should be equally good, though the type of menu offered in this type of catering might be different from another :

. Industrial Catering

. Hospital Catering

. Club CateringFitness center, club, casino

. Transport Catering

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