What is the Definition of Sauce ?

A Sauce is normally a rich flavoured and tasty liquid or semi- liquid accompaniment used to give richness to meat, poultry, fish, seafood and other vegetables , other of dessert. Sauce is a thick stock or liquid of smooth texture and consistency that complement the food it companies. It provides moisture, Color, taste and glossiness to the food.

It plays vital role in overall presentation and appearance of the dish, as well as increasing the nutritive values. A perfect sauce is the combination of eye appealing appearance, glowing rich smoothness velvet like texture, definite taste and natural flavour. Sauce is a French word taken from the Latin salsa, meaning salted.

Why Sauce is important ?

  • Helps in digestion.
  • Gives moistness to the food.
  • Eye appeal and constract to the food.
  • Nutritive value of food.
  • Enhance palatability.
  • Gives tartness and constract or balances a blond food.

What are the 6 types of French Mother Sauces ?

The 5 types of French mother Sauces are :-

  • Tomato sauce
  • Veloute sauce
  • Bechamel sauce
  • Espagnole sauce
  • Hollandaise sauce
  • Mayonnaise sauce

Tomato sauce :- Tomato sauce is one of the mother sauce which is made from tomatoes which is served as accompaniment or a part of dish. They are best known for base of Mexican salsa or sauces for pasta dishes.

Veloute sauce :- A Veloute sauce is one of the French mother sauces which is a light sauce and made from the roux and a light stock. The term ‘Veloute’ is a French word for Velvety. It is served with the chicken, veal, fish and other dishes.

Bechamel sauce :- Bechamel sauce is a white sauce which is made up of white roux and a milk. This is my favourite sauce among other mother sauces. French, Italian and Greek Bechamel sauce recipes include salt and nutmeg as a seasoning base. It is so versatile that you’ll always have a sauce to serve with fish, seafood, vegetables and poultry.

Espagnole sauce :- It is a classic brown sauce with is made from brown stock, mirepoix ,and roux. It is one of the Auguste Escoffiers six mother sauces of classic French cooking. It has a strong taste and flavour so it is rarely used directly on food.

Mayonnaise Sauce :- Mayonnaise sauce is a thick white sauce which is made up of different ingredients and also suitable for French fries, sandwiches, salad, hamburgers. The variants of mayo is of different types. Some can be light white and creamy, some can be pale yellow and jelly. Mayonnaise is originated from Spain. It is one of the six French mother sauces.

Hollandaise Sauce :- Hollandaise sauce is considered as one of the French mother sauces which is classically made from egg yolk, butter and lemon, seasoned with salt and white pepper. Hollandaise sauce is most suitable for egg benedict but there are also some dishes that are better with Hollandaise sauce like :- cheese and scrambled egg sandwiches, broccoli, poached salmon etc.

What are the Derivatives of various Mother sauces ?

The Derivatives of various Mother sauces are :-

1. Bechamel (White sauce) :-

  • Mornay Sauce: ( Bechamel with egg yolk and grated cheese)
  • Soubisse Sauce: (Bechamel with poached onion)
  • Aurora Sauce : (Bechamel with tomato sauce)
  • Nantua Sauce: (Bechamel with crab meat and cream)
  • English Sauce: (Bechamel with boiled egg, lemon and parsley.

2. Tomato Sauce (Red Sauce) :-

  • Marinara Sauce ( Tomato sauce with white wine, Oregano and Seafood)
  • Arabia Sauce ( Tomato sauce with Chilly flakes)
  • Provencal Sauce (Tomato sauce with chopped garlic, sliced mushroom , Chopped parsley and Olive oil)
  • Portugaise Sauce (Tomato sauce with sauted onion, Demi-glaze, Chopped garlic, Tomato Concasse and chopped parsley)
  • Amatriciana Sauce (Tomato sauce with slice bacon, chilly flakes and sliced onion)
  • Puttanesca Sauce (Tomato sauce with Black olive, Anchovies, Basil and Cappers)

3. Espagnole Sauce (Brown Sauce) Derivatives :-

  • Robert Sauce (Espagnole sauce with White wine, Mustard, Butter and Onions)
  • Mushroom Sauce (Espagonle sauce with Sliced Mushroom and Cream)
  • Madeira Sauce (Espagnole sauce with Reduction Madeira wine)
  • Bordelaise Sauce (Espagnole sauce with Poached beef marrow and Red wine reduction)
  • Lyonnaise Sauce ( Espagnole sauce with Sauted onion with Butter)
  • Chasseur Sauce (Espagnole sauce with Shallot, Mushroom, White wine and Tomato concasse)

4. Veloute Sauce (Blond Sauce) Derivatives :-

  • Allemade Sauce (Veal Veloute with Liaison)
  • Supreme Sauce (Chicken veloute with heavy cream)
  • Normade Sauce ( Fish veloute with Oysters , Liaison and Mushroom)
  • Saffron Sauce ( Fish veloute with Saffron, Heavy Cream and Lemon juice)
  • Alfredo Sauce ( Chicken veloute with Parmesan cheese and Heavy cream)
  • Poulette Sauce ( Chicken veloute with lemon juice, Sliced mushroom and Chopped parsley.

5. Mayonnaise Sauce (Cold Sauce) Derivatives :-

  • Tartare Sauce ( Mayonnaise sauce with Hard boiled eggs garnished with finely chopped chives and chopped onion)
  • Remoulade Sauce ( Mayonnaise sauce with chopped Gherkins, Mustard, Capers, Chervil, Chopped parsley, Anchovy essence and Tarragon )
  • Chantilly Sauce ( Mayonnaise sauce with Whipped cream and Lime juice)
  • Gloucester Sauce ( Mayonnaise sauce with Sour cream, Chopped fennel, Derby sauce and Lemon juice)
  • Alexandra Sauce ( Mayonnaise sauce with yolk of hard boiled eggs, Chopped chervil and English mustard)
  • American Sauce ( Mayonnaise sauce with Mustard and Lobster puree)

Hollandaise Sauce (Yellow Sauce) Derivatives :-

  • Bearnaise Sauce (Hollandaise sauce with Chopped chervil, Reduction vinegar and Chopped tarragon)
  • Noisette Sauce ( Hollandaise Sauce with Brown butter)
  • Foyot Sauce ( Bearnaise with Demi- Glace)
  • Mousseline Sauce ( Hollandaise sauce with Whipped cream)
  • Bavaroise Sauce ( Hollandaise Sauce with Horseradish, Cream cray fish sauce, Cayenne pepper and Thyme)
  • Choron Sauce ( Bearnaise with Tomato Sauce)


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