Aims and Objectives of Cooking Food

Aims and Objectives of Cooking Food


What is Cooking ?

Cooking can be defined as the method of making food edible, digestible, appetizing and appealing to the eyes.

Aims of Cooking :

The following are the aims of cooking food :-



Make food appetizing and providing eye appeal.

Facilitating Balanced Diet.

Providing varieties.

Preparation of Ingredients :

It is a rules of thumb that in any of the food production areas, irrespective of its size, the raw materials are to be prepared. Such preparation of ingredients is referred to as Mise- en- place, which literally means to keep the place in order. The following are the process involved in the preparation of ingredients: Washing, Cutting, Peeling, Grating, Grinding, Paring and Blanching.

  • Washing :
This is the first and foremost step in the preparation of ingredients This is done to remove the dust particles if any on the raw food. This method is very important from the hygiene point of view.
  • Cutting :
For a layman, cutting ,ight mean just breaking a product before cooking. But for the catering technician , it has got its own significance. Cutting can be in different styles.

Importance of Cuttings :
Mire – Poix Roughly cut vegetables.
JulienneFine match-stick like cutting of vegetables. “1/8 x 18 x 2”.
BrunoiseA small dice like cutting; this is done after juliennes are made 1/16″.
Paysanne1/2 dia-spheres of triangles.
NoisetteBarrel shaped e.g, Potato, carrot.
DiceVegetables which is cut in such a way it has faces equal dimention.
CubesDices- large 3/4; , Medium 1/2;, Small 1/4″.
ShredFine cutting of Vegetables, e.g, Cabbage shredded.
MincedCrisscross cutting of Vegetables or meat finally it might turn out to be a nice paste hindi equivalent is Kheema.
SliceA fine cutting of vegetables. It is not s fine as Shredding, E.g, Onion Slice.

  • Scraping :
Scraping is removal of the skin of any vegetables or fruits by the means of a scrapper or knife. There might be wastage due to the handling of equipment or knife. e.g, scraping potatoes or scraping beetroot.
  • Peeling :
Peeling is a removal of outer skin of vegetables or fruits without disturbing the flesh e.g, Peeling of Plantain or Orange or (hot) Potato. Usually peeling is done by hand, but if a scraper is used, it is scrapping.

  • Grating :
It is a method by which vegetables or food is rubbed to and fro on a grater, e.g ,grated cheese or coconut.

  • Grinding :

Grinding signifies making a fine paste or powder out of food ingredients. We may use manual or electrical power for grinding. There are two types of grinding- Dry and wet.

Wet grinding : It refers to grinding in presence of water.

Dry grinding : It means grinding done without adding water.

  • Paring :
Paring actually refers to trimming off excess or irregular part. It can signify moving the knife or any other implement as in the circular motions. E.g , cutting an apple.

  • Blanching :
It refers to removal of outer skin of vegetables by dripping the food ingredients first in boiling water and then immediately in cold water. e.g Removal of outer skin of tomatoes (by blanching method).

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