HOTEL What is the defination of Hotel? The word ‘Hotel’ is refined as a public place, which provides lodging and boarding to the genuine customers on payment. It is regarding as a commercial catering establishment that provides the facilities of food and beverage, along with accommodation and entertainment facilities. British law has defined ‘Hotel’ or … Read more

About Tourism Industry

 The Tourism Industry What defines Tourism Industry ? An erratic travel made by the nomads in the earlier days has new turned into world’s most flourishing industry called “Tourism” The word Tourism is derived from the French word  ” Tourism” to travel and travel related jobs.     Tourism is the temporary of the people to … Read more

About Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality Industry What is meant by the Hospitality Industry? The oxford dictonary defines Hospitality as the  “Reception and entertainment of guest, customer, visitors or strangers with liberality and good will ” Therefore hospitality industry can defined as bringing together the accommodation, food and beverage service to the people who are away from there homes with … Read more